Wisdom Teeth and Surgical Extraction

wisdom teeth hornsby dentistWhat is impaction?

Impacted wisdom teeth are stuck in a position that does not allow them to be functional.

Impaction may be due to:

  • soft tissues (i.e. gums)
  • hard tissues such as other teeth or bone.

Teeth that become impacted are more likely to cause problems. These include:

  • Infection of the gum around the tooth
  • Decay and resorption of the adjacent tooth.

For those who play contact sport, most fractured jaws occur at the site of impacted teeth, as they can create a point of weakness. Most footballers who have broken their jaws have not had their wisdom teeth removed.
Dr Le may advise you your wisdom teeth (or third molars) are impacted and that they need to be removed.

Can there be problems with extraction of wisdom teeth?

Yes, as with any surgery, post operative pain, swelling, bruising and infection can occur. Other consequences of wisdom tooth removal may include difficulty in opening the mouth, sore lips, and bleeding.

There is a small risk associated with the extraction of lower wisdom teeth, of nerve damage that may cause numbness of the lip or tongue.

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